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Why to Stop Smoking A  Review on Smoking and Your Health

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Why to Stop Smoking A  Review on Smoking and Your Health

Millions of Americans tobacco smoker are facing health issues.  smoking is effect almost every organ of your body. Considering Smoking effect on your Health experts point out many reason why to stop smoking. Smoking and your health are directly related to each the more you smoke , more you are putting your heath in risk.

What Happen When Stop Smoking – Why To Stop Smoking

Smoking abnormally high your blood pressure and hear rate. Immediate when you quit smoking it come to become normal.

quieting smoking will reduce level of carbon monoxide with in hours, which can cause to stop the  blood to carry oxygen.

After few weeks you will realize decrease in wheezing and coughing as you were often.

quieting smoking will increase cardiac function by decreasing workload on your heart.

Many smoker faces issues with smell and taste senses . by quieting smoking these sense will become normal.

The most common issue with almost every smoker is take out of breath . quieting tobacco will able you of not out breathing on everyday activities.

You will find a significant improvement in your lungs functions after few month of stop smoking.

Risk of heart disease is decrease significantly after a year of quieting smoking.

Quit smoking can keep safe from use of other drugs.

Pregnant women can safe their babe health .

Smoking damage the cell in hair and skin which cause looking old . with in two weeks of stop smoking the process of aging face got reverse

You will add days to your life . people who smoke dies 1st then who do not . because of heart and other disease cause by smoking.

Effects Of Tobacco Smoking And Your Health

Tobacco smoking cause 1 out 5 deaths in america every year. Stroke diseases ,heart disease and lung diseases etc are cause by tobacco smoking.

Below are the list of effects of tobacco smoking on our health

Smoking Can Cause Autoimmune Diseases.

Immune system can be describe by the ability of a body to protect itself from diseases and infection. Tobacco smoker compromises their immune system as usually find smoker have more infections.

Several autoimmune diseases including  rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease are cause by smoking

Recent study about type 2 diabetes found that smoker having  30 or 40% more chances to have 2 diabetes then nonsmokers.

Effect Of Smoking On Bones.

Smoking increase risk for a condition called osteoporosis. In which bones become more likely fracture and weak.

Older Smoker man and women has more chance of loss bone then nonsmokers. It will take few years but quieting smoke reduce chance of fracture and low bones.

Those women who start smoking from their early ages have more Chances of having osteoporosis .

Tobacco Smoking Effect On Heart

Element in in tobacco damage heart and blood cell which cause .

  1. A disease in which blood vessels burst in result death will happen
  2. High blood pressure, heart attack , chest pain etc
  3. A disease in which brain cell died suddenly cause bleeding

Tobacco Use Effect On Lungs And Breathing

Expert says each every time you smoke scare your lungs and damage your breath.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary. A disease that cause for wheezing, tightness in chest  and shortness of breath.

Emphysema . A disease in which lungs tissues are destroyed and make breath difficult.

Chronic Bronchitis. A disease which decrease air flow from and to your lungs

Effect on Eye Vision

Tobacco smoking demage your optic nerve which may result in blindness.

Do Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

There are total 7000 chemicals found in tobacco smoking . in which 70 chemicals are found main cause of having cancer . tobacco smoking can cause cancer of Trachea, Esophagus, Lungs, Trachea, Rectum, Esophagus, Lip, Bronchus, Oral Cavity, Larynx, Nasal Cavity, Bladder, Nasopharynx, Pancreas, Kidney, Uterine Cervix, Liver, Colon and Stomach cancer

Do Light Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

There is nothing safe in cigarettes . people who smoke light cigarettes inhale the same amount of poison as in case of regulars cigarettes.

Do Menthol Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

As state above there is nothing safe in cigarettes . many tobacco smoker thought menthol cigarettes are safe . menthol cigarettes can cause of cancer , respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Menthol cigarette are found harmful for women and men fertility and for women and their babies.

Can Smoking Cigars And Pipes Cause Cancer?

Cigars and pipes are cause cancer of Bladder cancer,Esophageal cancer. Throat cancer, Lung cancer, Tongue cancer, Lip cancer, Mouth cancer and Laryngeal (voice box) cancer.

How Smoking Affects Your Health

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