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Types Of Eye Disease Symptoms And Treatment

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Types Of Eye Disease Symptoms And Treatment

While discussing Types Of Eye Disease Symptoms And Treatment. Imaging yourself without eyes you will realize your eyes are an important part of your health. It is observed that many eye disease have no early symptoms, we dont have any idea about the disease until conditions get serious . expert suggest regular professional eye examination is the best way to take care of your vision. And during the exam if you feel any changes you should contact to eye professional.

Types Of Eye Disease Symptoms And Treatment

Eye is a complex and important organ or your body . it is important to work smooth with other parts to produce clear vision . below are the common Types Of Eye Disease Symptoms And Treatment .

  Disease Intro: Symptoms: Causes : Treatment :

Myopia Symptoms And Treatment

A disease or condition of eye in which distance object is appear blurryblurry vision, squinting , headaches and eyes that hurt or feel tireda family history Myopia and diabetes increase the risk of MyopiaMyopia can be treated by laser eye surgery, eyeglasses, corneal refractive therapy and contact lenses.

Farsightedness Symptoms And Treatment

An eye disease in which you feel near object blurrywhen to work hard to see close object is 1st symptom of Farsightedness. Other symptoms are fatigue, squinting to see better, tension and a headache after readingthe only reason of farsightedness a flat cornea.Get prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses is the easy way to get rid of Farsightedness.

Presbyopia Symptoms And Treatment

Presbyopia effect almost every one in natural aging process. It is condition of eye vision which loss the ability to focus on object near to you.presbyopia symptoms occur commonly at the age of 40. Other symptoms are eyestrain or headaches, difficulty in reading and squintingyour lens and the muscle lose flexibility in common aging process . due to which your eye loss ability to focus .Contact to eye professional when you realize . even if you dont experience symptoms you should visit eye professional if your 40. Presbyopia can be treated by contact lenses and corrective lenses.

Allergic Conjunctivitis Symptoms And Treatment

An eye condition in which eye become watery,red and itchy.Common symptoms of Allergic Conjunctivitis are burning eyes, red , watery and itchyAllergic Conjunctivitis are caused by allergic reactions from animal dander,household dust,mold spores,perfume and trees and grass pollen.in home you can from pollen close the window , use of air purifier (indoor). In more serious cases visit to eye professionals they may stop home remedies and recommends which can help.

Eyelid InflammationSymptoms And Treatment

is the condition of irritation of eyelidcommon symptoms of eyelid inflammations are swollen eyelids, eyelids, red eyes, itchy eyelids and sensitivity to light .causes of eyelid inflammations are not determined generally . it may be allergic reaction , dandruff on your eyebrows or can be medication side effects too.Depending on cause of eyelid inflammation doctors can recommend best treatment . but washing your eyes and warm compress can help you in reducing inflammation.

Premature Babies Eye Problems

Babies who born in 37 weeks or before called premature babies.while eye look normal but when babies dont respond to object happen in front . this is the main symptom.hence they got less time in wombs there are more chance for health defects including vision.Most of this type babies eye issues dont need extra treatment . just have to follow eye professional recommendations.

How Lasik Laser Surgery Works.

Is Lasik laser surgery laser is fires into your eye for nanosecond . there are lenses inside of human being eye so we could change the shapes of these it will be easy. But the trouble is there are a thin layer cornea in front or these lenses so in Lasik laser surgery we change the shape or cornea slightly to fix those lenses of eyes.

Daily we see adds in news papers regarding LASIK but remember lasik is not suitable for every one. It suit for those who has small issues not for those who has very week vision. 2nd and it long time period process at least take 6 month to recover after operation done .

LASIK is introduce in 1990 . and 90 percent of people are satisfied from the operation result so for.

Diabetic Eye Care

If you have diabetes thats not mean that your are at risk. Still you have the ability to control the situations. The main thing you have to be active and monitor the blood sugar level. And other common thing you keep in mind.

Visit Doctor Regularly: Visit your doctor regularly to monitor you blood sugar and listen them . be honest with them in your answer.

Monitor You Diet: you are facing with diabetes then you will aware which food can boost diabetes . keep those away .

Exercise Regularly: make a routine of exercise which can keep you health , active and reduce the chance of heart and other disease.

Eye Exam: Do a regular eye exam by your eye professional .

How To Do Eye Care

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