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Top 10 android Apps Freely available on Google Store So far

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Top 10 android Apps Freely available on Google Store So far

A mobile app is an application design to run on mobile related devices like tablet and smart phones. Apps are appear in 2008 some of them are free of cost while some of them have bought from their sources platforms.

The use of mobile app is increasing day by day and an estimated billions of apps are downloaded from google play store. Google play and apple’s app store are most common sources for downloading mobile app.
It is accepted that you will never have good time on android unless you have some awesome apps in it . below are the best android free apps which you can download any time .
1. 1Weather.
1weather has a complete range fo weather related information. Is it available free while just you have to $1.99 to free for advertisement.
2. Alto.
Supporting Microsoft,pop3, outlook,icloud and IMAP this app design by AOL for email client. Alto is available free of cost and find very helpful to manage multiple accounts .
3. AppLock.
this app is used for lock down you exiting apps in your mobile phone or other devices. The main purpose of applock is to provide security to you information on other apps. This app will help you in case of kids, bad roommates etc. Applock is available free with adds or paid without ads .
4. Feedly.
As appear from its name feedly is connected to millions of site from you can get recent updating as they happen. The main reason to use Feedly is it brings together all stuff related to your interest.
5. The Google Drive Suite.
Is totally design for office or documents work like notes, spreadsheet and slides. The Google Drive Suite is group of application like google sheets, google slides, google docs etc.

It is free but after 15 gb you have to pay for it. Most of people dont exceeds from 15 gb of data.
6. Groupon.
While online shopping most of consumers are searching for coupons . this app is design for coupons to get discouts on you shopping. App is absolutely free .
7. LastPass Password Manager.
the most effective and popular apps every due to its functions. LastPass Password Manager keep your password everywhere you used. And keep safe under your main password.
LastPass Password Manager also provide help of auto fill when ever you are trying to login to that specific source.
8. MyFitnessPal.
the most helpful app regarding health around the world. This app provide you calories counter, exercises regimes, fitness and recommendation of foods for you. This app is free for life time.
9. Pocket.
This app keep your record of web surfing and other thing you want to view later.
10. Wunderlist.
is design to create to-do list . Wunderlist help you in dividing all your work which you gonna do on specific time .

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