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Massage Your Neck With Red Onion And See What Happens

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1. Onion Power;

onions are used almost in every dish and onion increases the heating power in the body.

2. Nutrients;

Onion is rich in potassium vitamins c and manganese. These all ingredients helps in blood purification.

3. Thyroid Recipe;

For clearance of thyroid, we can use onion. Cut onion into two parts so we can get the juice of it. Juice will help you in recovering of the thyroid gland. By rubbing onion on a neck and leave it on overnight and check results then.

4.Using it on Neck;

In circular motion rubbing onion on neck and leave it for over night and check results than..

5  Funtions;

It defeats chronic diseases,fungus,bacteria and also risk of cancer.












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