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Mads Mikkelsen And Guillermo Del Toro Feature In Kojima’s Death Stranding Game Trailer

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Death Stranding Game

At the game awards 2016 Kojima director of mysterious project “ Death Stranding Game ” release new trailer . they never provide the release information but conform death stranding for  playstation 4.

About Kojima’s  Death Stranding Game

Developed by Kojima Productions Death Stranding game  is open world action game  for playstation 4. The trailer of the game conform the involment of Mads Mikkelsen And Guillermo Del Toro.


Release Date of Death Stranding Game

Currently there are no official release date but director Kojima state that the game would be release in 2019.

while receiving the award he says that last year i thought i lost every thing but didnt lost anything then he reveal the Death Stranding Trailer.

The story of the game is about connections. Kojima state about the game that playing this game for one or two hours they palyer will feel some thing different they never palyed .

Death Stranding Trailer

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