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Easy Ways Survive in Flu and Cold Season

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An average adult faces cold two or three times a year. According to holly Philips MD, general internist in new york city, you can cut the risk to get faces cold. While following their guidance even if you get sick you will be able to short the duration of your illness .

  • Make habit to consume fermented foods (yogurt . kefir, kimchi)  a research by Dr.Phillips has found those who consume fermented foods has 12%  less chance of  get infections.
  • Cooked shiitake mushroom plays great role of getting less inflammation  having higher  amount T cells . recent research of American  collage of nutrition.
  • Sneezing helps germs to travels up 20 feet. Dr. Philips says be on side and excuse your self to the person who is  sneezing or coughing. By” sorry I always catch cold easily ”  . rude but you have to move your self of firing range.
  • An average adult try to touch his/her face or nose atleast three times in 24 hours .Try not to touch your mouth of face with your hand can great reduce chances to get infected .  make a habit to busy your hands with something else when you realize you are going to touch your face .
  • Again the most important sleep well. A study of archives of internal medicine publish that those who sleep less then 8 hours in a day will get 3 times more suspect able to get sick then those who sleep for 8 hours
  • Before sleeping try to rinse your noise using boiled salted water which  will help you to clear all the particles which you breathed at the day time.
  • Use probiotic supplement . a study conducted on the people who are suffering with cold . the result was those who use probiotic supplement get rid of cold 2 days earlier .
  • Quit hard workout . while suffering from bad cold , your body need energy to fight with virus. So Dr.Rohr advised to quit hard and killer workout
  • While making the movement of infection-fighting blood cells slow .we cant forgot the vital role of chicken soup . according to a research of journal chest when white blood cells moves slow they stay in those parts of the body where it needs more.
  • Try to care about your siting and sleeping style . Dr.philips suggest try to sit on 45 degree angle helps blood flow and while reducing inflammation or nose
  • Rest is another important factor when get sick you should have to get rest .if push your self to the work your suffering duration may increase . and you could be reason to spread the virus to the people work with you.
  • Incase one of your family member get sick . try to use disposable products . this could be the best way to keep you other family members safe from the virus . instead of towel use paper and try to bring plastic or paper cups .
  • Try a spoon of honey to cure your cold . which work like cold syrup in a natural way.
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