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Are You a Dog Lover, Try To Remember What to Do While Having a Dog

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Dogs loves their owner more then they loves themselves open heard from dog owners. In response to give them back you should remember some guidance to make their life joyful and prove yourself awesome owner.

  • Dogs are react actively and get scare in front of strange people , noise etc. so they needs our love, trust so that will be feel safer. They expect trust and love as the do with you.
  • Try to do new things with your dog. By this you can keep your dogs active and mentally happy , and it can help to maintain them physically healthy . most of time dogs like to do new things.
  • Remember dogs are very sensitive don’t leave your dog outside in bed hot or cold weather. That could be result of sickness or death too. Try to avoid the habit to leave your dog in your vehicles in summer. Similarly in cold if you don’t want to let him on the couch, at least you can arrange a small part in kitchen for them.
  • Try to go for a walk with them they want to see our world. Try to let him met with other animals ( dogs , cats etc.) , and try to speak with them they don’t understand our language but they can understand our body language . dogs never left their owner there are so many cases that dogs want to be with their owner  even they are sick.                                                                                                                          7005603890_afbdab000f_z
    Image by USAG- Humphreys(CC BY 2.0)
  • Dogs cant talk but if we try to understand they can tell us a lot. They don’t want to hurt his owner so you should try not to hurt them too. Some time they don’t want to play to try to understand if dog want to be alone leave him alone , don’t lock them up as a punishment , you  are the one and only in this world . They want to do it right but you have to give time to understand .
  • Dogs don’t complain like us .if you realize some changes in their routine behavior indicates something wrong . they could be sick or injured .
  • Most of us seen people ignore old dogs and loves puppies . while forgot that the old dog has spent the whole life loving and caring with them. They expect love and care same like they were puppies. Because they have same love and care for you as like they were puppies.

the last thing is  dogs have very short life they don’t be with us like humans for 100 years they can only stay here for 15 to 20 years. Every one knows it’s  difficult but the time comes for them to leave the world you should have beside with him till last breath . prove them you love them like they love you.

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